Thursday, July 30, 2009

The end is nigh...

According to a series of ones and zeros in various points of cyber space... I have a plane ticket home! Yup. The end is in sight.

I finish my teaching contract at the end of September. When trying to figure out exactly when to come home, the date November 12th popped into my mind and just kind of stuck. It gives me plenty of time to travel and still gets me home in time for Thanksgiving. I'm not gonna lie... I simply could not tolerate the thought of another Thanksgiving without stuffing, gravy & turkey. Seriously!

I'm flying into San Francisco, and will spend some time with a friend there* before heading up to Oregon on the train. I will be spending Turkey day with a friend in Salem (I've spent this holiday with her family before and am confident that the appropriate trimmings will be provided). I'm not entirely sure how long I'll spend with her, but the general idea is to be back in Portland around the 1st of December.

At the moment I'm trying to plan out what I want to see & do before I get home. I know I'll be going back to Chiang Mai at some point. It will be awesome to go back to my old stomping grounds now that I actually have half a clue what's going on. And I know I want to spend a good long time on various beaches... but beyond that... no idea. Any suggestions?

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*provided this friend actually still exists....cough cough... J!


Yankee in England said...

What a exciting time for you! Enjoy the moment.

Stacey said...

hooray! :D I have no suggestions other than enjoy yourself!

Bezzie said...

Are you going to have a side of cheese with your turkey? ;-)

d said...

whoa! this is so soon. nice. this has got to feel good.

Stariel said...

Well, it's nice to have the end in sight I'm sure.

I might be in Salem for Thanksgiving too, if so we should totally get coffee and knit and you can tell me all about Thailand. I think of you every time I eat Thai food, which is a lot. ;)

Rebel said...

Yankee - yeah, it is a special time, and I am trying to enjoy it for what it is.

Stacy - will do!

Bezzie - in years past, yes cheese was provided. =)

d - it does feel good, if nothing else, it's the next big thing to plan for, it gives me focus.

stariel - YES!!! Actually I'll be in Keizer, and probably won't have my own transportation, but we will make that happen!