Sunday, July 19, 2009

love is in the air

Last night I was at a fellow teacher's house - not one of my usual haunts - so when I got a motorbike taxi home, I wasn't totally sure he knew where my apartment was. As we were driving there was some 'discussion' about where I lived. And by discussion I mean I told him the wrong way to go and with much pointing and appologizing got him turned around again. The whole time he was asking me questions telling me something to which I could only respond "mai cow jai" (don't understand).

As we got near my apartment he said (in Thai):
"You stay here?"
- "yes"
"Do you stay here asdfaoiyuiy ?"
- "what?"
"Do you stay here with aoiyuiy?" he repeated, pulling over beside the gate.
- "Oh, no, no, stay here one person." I replied as I climbed off the bike.
"Do you have a boyfriend?"
- "No no no... don't have a boyfriend, only one person." I said fishing through my purse for some money. As I handed him his fare he made his move.
"I love you." he said (in English) and smiled hopefully, bringing his hand up to his ear in the universal sign for 'call me'.

Gah. I really need to learn to lie... or at least how to say "Yes, I am married and my husband is at home polishing his gun collection right now." in Thai.

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Bezzie said...

I find it kind of reassuring that no matter what the language or culture horny men will be horny men. LOL! Don't worry, if you had told them you had a husband/boyfriend the next question out of his mouth probably would have been "Do you have a sister?" Ask me how I know that ;-)

Rebel said...

LMAO! I haven't encountered that one yet, but you're right, the behavior of horny men is one constant in this universe. =P

Jonathan said...

So cute!

This reminds me of my experience with my tailor. She has a giant crush on me.

I had to lie and tell her I have a girlfriend in Canada... but she still keeps on texting me asking me to go see a flower garden with her.


Rebel said...

Jonathan - you'll need to put 'international heart-breaker' on your resume now. =P