Saturday, July 28, 2007

Caturday at the vet.

"Oh she's so pretty." says the veterinary tech looking into Sally's carrier. "Let's start by taking her temperature." Poor woman, she has no idea.

"She doesn't like getting her temperature taken.... you'll need help - she fights" I tell her, giving her fair warning.

"What if I just sneak it in?" She asks. She is after all the expert, she deals with cats all day long.

"Um, you'll need help." I warn her again... she's new, she's never seen the likes of Sally.

You're going to put that where???

I don't blame them, the vets. She's so pretty, a bit pudgy. Who would know, just by looking at her, that under her feathery whiskers hides a mouth of pearly-white daggers?
Who would think that her four fluffy little white paws were merely sheaths for 20 machete-like claws?

Poor vet techs... they didn't stand a chance. They still don't know what her temperature is.


Batty said...

I can't stop laughing. That's so funny. And Sally has the ultimate smug 'I shoed 'em, I showed 'em good' expression on her little face. Her Majesty is not amused.

On the bright side, I think the fact that she can hold off a whole bunch of vet techs is ample evidence that she's strong, well-nourished and the picture of good health.

Zonda said...

Yikes!!! hehe! They should have listened to you! ;)

Reasoning E'Bert said...

She's adoreable. Good for her, I wouldn't let them do that to me either if I was a cat.

Magatha said...

Look at that look on her face! She's completely in charge!

Bezzie said...

We had a cat that got a look like that WHEN the thermo was shoved up his bum. He's long gone, but thank Sally for reviving that memory with her intolerance of the rectal thermometer..hee hee!

Rebel said...

LOL - it's so true, Her Majesty was not pleased. The vet did bring in a man to help, he had a towel. Like she couldn't shred that thing in a heart-beat. No they tried, but she fought them off valiently. Sally looks innocent, but she spent time in the mean cages of the Thurston County Animal Shelter. She's no pussy! =P