Monday, July 16, 2007

Low Fiber Diet

So I'm officially on my fabric / yarn diet. I actually haven't been buying much yarn lately (well since Black Sheep which was what... two weeks ago. ;) ) but I figured I'd put that on the list too.

I'm not allowed to buy any more fabric until I finish the following projects:
- my sister's quilt.
- my flying geese quilt top.

- sew one of two floral skirts for which I bought fabric yesterday
- sew tie-dye PJ shorts for which I bought fabric last month.
- sew red-hot peppers apron for which I bought fabric LAST YEAR!

I'm not allowed to buy any more yarn until I finish the following projects:
- Montego Bay Scarf
- Feather & Fan shawl for my niece.
- weave in the ends of the Ripple baby blanket

It really shouldn't take me that long to finish the sewing. I made a pair of the PJ shorts in an evening, and I think I made that skirt pattern in one Saturday, and I really don't anticipate the apron taking much time at all. It's just a matter of sitting down and doing it.

As for the quilts - the one I got from my sister, again, all I need to do is to attach the batting, backing and quilt it, then bind it. I was able to do that much work on my patriotic quilt in about a weekend. Flying Geese will take longer. I have actually gone back and corrected all the mis-sewn strips and it's ready for the strips to be sewn together now. It's just that every time I work on it, I have to clear all the blankets & pillows off my bed & put down my cardboard surface, so I can pin it without pinning it to my bed!

The knitting tends to take longer for me, because I have to sit still for a longer period of time, and there hasn't been anything good on TV because it's summer. I anticipate those projects, along with the other projects I have on the needles & in the planning stages will take me through the end of the year easily.

So these are not unreasonable goals. I have enough fabric & yarn to last me a good long time, and if I work steadily, I should at least be able to finish my sewing goals this summer, the knitting goals by the end of the year.


michael5000 said...

re-bel! re-bel! re-bel! re-bel!

(That's the crowd chanting its support and admiration for your rigorous goal-setting and austerity measures.)

Look forward to updates on this plan. No cheating, now, we'll be watching.

Rebel said...

In knitting there are Yarn-Diets, and the rule is "Sock yarn doesn't count"

I'm debating a "Fat-quarters don't count" clause. ;)

michael5000 said...

Fat quarters SO count.... : )

Little scraps sold by the bag or ounce, however, do not count.