Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Making progress

I finished the PJs that I planned to make with the tie-dye fabric. I ended up using a below the knee-length split-skirt pattern (culottes-gaucho pants... whatever you want to call them), just to see how it would end up. Well, it ended up horrid. I kinda think tie-dye is a no-no for the chubbier among us. They are not flattering in the least - but I wore them last night and they are comfy, so I'll keep them. They'll be designated my painting/gluing/crafting pants because it will be impossible to tell if they get stained.
I also took out the pattern for the chili-peppers apron, but couldn't bring myself to cut out the fabric, it's telling me it wants to be something else...but it hasn't told me what yet. Oh... wait, it might be telling me it wants to be a quilt back. Not sure which quilt yet, but I'm just going to wait and figure it out.

So rather than cutting out the apron, I actually opened up the hat box containing my flying geese quilt top strips and started sewing them together. I only put four of the strips together. I'm a bit bummed because the ends just aren't matching up. Some are too long, some are too short, and I've got to find a way to even them out so they don't look so bad. If I were just working with squares or rectangles, it wouldn't be as bad... but with triangles, you can tell if I cut off the point! Dang, I want it to look good, but I also want it *done* - this is my eternal frustration with big projects. I'm not a perfectionist, in fact I probably err in the direction of 'it's good enough' but then I'm not thrilled with the end product. I'm not a very experienced quilter, so I guess I have to accept that I'll make mistakes as I learn, and not really expect things to look fantastic until I've got a few more under my belt. And you know, I need to stop going to quilt shows! Looking at the ones from Sisters just made me feel so inferior!


Bezzie said...

Now you know why I can't quilt! I don't pay enough attention to detail!

Cute pants. I agree with your thoughts on tie-dye, but for jammie pants I think those rules go out the window.

Libby said...

I love those flying geese! I just think they are so gorgeous! I think you could chop the end right off, points and all, and most people wouldn't even notice because the overall affect of the quilt is so nice. But of course it's important for YOU to be happy with it too. I have a similar feeling about big projects, at some point I just want them to be DONE!!! It always helps me to think about our quilting foremothers. They left a lot of mistakes in their quilts because they generally just had too much others stuff to worry about, but we still think their quilts are gorgeous today.

atet said...

That soup looks absolutely yummy! I'll have to think about making some up now while our veggies are in season and freeze it for later this fall when the weather gets nasty!