Saturday, July 14, 2007

Lets talk about SOCKS!

I was tagged by Bezzie to disclose the contents of my sock drawer. Prepare yourself to discover perhaps the most boring aspect of my entire life.

My Sock Drawer!

It's exactly what it looks like, a stack of identical white socks, a stack of identical black socks, and a tiny little stack of "other" socks, which surprisingly enough contains a small stack of identical beige socks. And quite visibly - my one and only pair of hand knit socks!

The white socks on the left are my best fitting socks. I got them in the little girls section. They are actually the size between toddler socks and 'big girl' socks. I am soooo not joking. They do have to stretch to fit my feet - but they're very comfortable. The black socks are "womens size 5-10" I would honestly like to meet the person who decided that a woman who wears size 5 shoes should wear the same sized socks as a woman who wears size 10 shoes. It's insane. The black socks super baggy and fall down all the time. If you're keeping track of the sizes... that makes the hand-knit socks on the right essentially big enough to wear over a pair of keds.

And if you look closely you'll note that bit of light blue at the toe. I ran out of yarn right as I was trying to kitchner the toe. I hate these socks. I mean, I loved them when I made them because they do really look like socks. But I didn't enjoy making them, and they're really not that comfortable. I wear them to bed when my other socks are in the laundry.

And that ladies & gentlemen is my sock drawer, and the sum total of my hand knit socks. I'd like to tag Stariel, Babbling Stacey, Batty & Magatha - I think they'll have much more exciting sock drawers!

That's all for today - tomorrow... Quilt-O-Rama!


Bezzie said...

Oooo...I believedetect some sock stacking there! Wow!

michael5000 said...

OK, now I know more about your socks than I do about mine....

Kathleen said...

I always wondered if people actually wore hand made socks.

Magatha said...

Now I'm commenting to your commentors: Kathleen, yes, people do actually wear handmade socks! I've made it my mission in life to fill the socks drawers.

OK, Zum, you need more (any?) PINK hand knit socks.