Friday, February 1, 2008

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Mike's Hard Berry... Cold. Hard. Refreshing... total chick drink... but uh oh.... I'm feeling purple!

"Women Voters" I cannot tell you how tired I am of hearing about the "Women Voters" or the "Womans' Vote". Are there any two women in this country with identical political opinions? Really? Oh man... Charles Gibson just came on again and said something about "Women Voters" and seriously intoned "they are not of one mind." As thought this is a surprise! Even if women have similar priorities, we're obviously going to have different opinions on the best ways to address these priorities, and who the best candidate is to address them. Where are the focus groups for "Men Voters" And as much as I would love to see a woman president... what I really want is a GOOD president, one who can restore some sanity to this country, someone who can unite people and actually make some progress solving some long standing problems, like the pitiful state of health care, the pitiful state of our schools, the nightmare of social security, the sheer insanity of our policies in the middle east.

Anyway I guess this all brings up my current distaste of network news. I don't understand why every story has to be so sensationalized, and I don't understand how they can stand there and tell you scary scary things, and not give us one shred of an idea of what to do about it. Grrr. Ok, I'm going to the bad place now, I'll stop. I might be a little grouchy because my hands still hurt. I haven't knit anything since Sunday. And the book I'm reading at the moment is incredibly depressing.

Hmmm.... time for something cheerful. I bought some yarn I haven't showed off yet.

Check it out ^^ purple. ;) It's very soft... so pretty.... I feel better already. =)

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Batty said...

Pretty yarn! Oh, the colors!

The women voters thing really sets me off every time, same as feminists who think we all share EXACTLY the same experience because we are women. We have some experiences in common because we're women, but then there are all the other parts of our personal experience that come from race, class, religion, genetics, you name it. Just like all knitters don't have the same experience because they are knitters -- they just have some knitting-related experiences in common. Same goes for voters. And I'm sick and tired of being stereotyped by candidates' staffers who are trying to figure out how to get the Women's Vote. Hint: Women are as different as men are. Why don't you try to get the Men's Vote and see how that goes over?

Sorry. /rant.