Saturday, February 2, 2008

Snowy Caturday

It been snowing this week.

Sally was not impressed. She required quite a bit of encouragement to go outside for a photoshoot.


knittingcapricorn said...

Hey Rebel (ok, I still think of you as Zuma), just took a peek at your blog from the knittyboard and saw that you read "The Great Gatsby" and were somewhat doubtful. Although I'm a great fan of F. Scott Fitzgerald, I didn't like "The Great Gatsby" as much as "Tender is the Night". I definitely recommend that if you want to have another try with FSF ;) Yes, his prose is kind of florid, but it's florid in a weird way, I feel. He puts adjectives and nouns together that I haven't ever seen put together like that and that makes reading his works totally delicious to me. Anyway, just in case you haven't been put off him yet and totally out of the blue :)

Magatha said...

I think it's time for some Sally booties. "Meow! It's cold on my paws! I'm not leaving a perfectly warm house for this sh**!"

Rebel said...

capricorn - I did not dislike the Great Gatsby, in fact it was very good. I just didn't think it was as good as it is hyped: "The Best American Novel"

Mags - it's true, she spent 22 hours yesterday curled up on the couch... the other two hours were spent eating & waking me up. What happened to your blog??? One day there was a cute man... next day he's all gone!

Michael5000 said...

What city is this you live in, with snow and all?