Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Cover Girls

I've been noticing something lately. Whenever I see popular magazines, I can never identify the woman on the cover. Now I know I have some face-to-name memory problems, and regularly call people I know by the wrong name... but this is different. I'll be looking at the picture and have *no* clue who it is. This would make sense if I had no TV, but I do and I'll admit to watching Access Hollywood and other celebrity shows - I know who the big stars are. So I don't think it's that.

I know that photographers & magazine editors have always done whatever tricks they could to make their stars & models look better than they do in real life... but I think we've finally gotten to the point where they just make them all look identical! Check it out: Is it just me or do they look identical? All of them have the same shade of blonde hair, all have the exact same shade of skin, the exact same teeth, the same noses. It's freaking me out! It's one thing to want a good picture... but now they don't even look like *people* they all just look like generic barbie dolls. CREEPY!!!!!

So I bought BUST. She's airbrushed, but at least I could tell who it was!


d said...

i rarely know who any of the 'famous' people are, but that doesn't stop me from being constantly freaked out by magazine covers.

why can't they just shoot the real people and leave 'em the hell alone?

Michael5000 said...

The person on Bust looks pretty much like the others, to me, except for the funky tattoo action.

Magatha said...

I don't recognize the girls on covers at all. You are absolutely right, they are all homogenized into one conglomerate woman, blond more often than not.

I have a theory about it, but my theories are getting out of control. A sign of impending old person-itis. ;-)

Rebel said...

d - I saw a commercial the other day (not Dove) that had pictures of actual men and women with like different faces & skin tones & hair types (grey hair too!!) I was so amazed I just stared at it.

M5K - That would be Eve (honestly I can only identify her by her tatoos too)

Mags - I *love* your theories!

Olga said...

one word-CLONES.

resistance is futile.

Ilix said...

I would have to say that for a black woman, Eve is looking pretty light, plus she too has blonde hair! YIKES!!

Ilix said...
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Exuberant Color said...

They are a bunch of plastic people. I like real people so much better.

Rebel said...

ilix... it's true, but Bust is overall a much better magazine.

Exuberant - me too!