Friday, February 8, 2008

If you can't say something nice...

...come sit by Sally. ;)

What is Caturday for if not for being catty?

Sally hates:

Other Cats
Being picked up
An empty food dish
"earthquakes" (cough cough J!)
being woken up
getting moved off the couch/papers/bed/wherever she is and wants to remain

What about you?


Michael5000 said...

So pretty! But doesn't like to be picked up? How does she get her human attention?

Bezzie said...

I was listening to that Oasis song "Don't Look Back" where they sing about Sally can wait--and I immediatley thought of your cat. Congratulations Sal, I've never met you, but you've permeated my being. ;-)

Rebel said...

M5K - Sally gets *plenty* of human affection! Anytime I'm sitting down (as now) she's in my lap where I dutifuly skritch her ears. And she spends all night sleeping on me. She gets plenty of loving but if someone (other than me) tries to pick her up - it's claws to the eyes before you can say 'pretty kitty'.

Bezzie - whoo hooo - Sally's infecting your brain!! I actually named her after the song "Lay Down Sally and rest here in my arms... I've been waiting all night long just to talk to you"