Friday, July 18, 2008


That's the one where you torture yourself right? I went to Powells again today.

The view from the mezzanine... not something you can say in most bookstores.

I'm not sure why I keep doing that! All I want to do is hunker down with a stack of bubble-gum books and hide out for a while. But I've got a text book to read and an apartment to clean out. So I really shouldn't be wandering through the city of books flipping through the pages of The Chronicles of Narnia and gazing at the pictures in a book about the Ocean. God, I just love that store!!! But it's a bit counter productive to go buy books when I'm trying to get rid of all my possessions!

It's really just overwhelming. I know if I focus and apply a few hours of work towards my apartment everyday, it'll get done and I'll feel better. I might even have time to read something fun. But every time I walk up to a shelf or open my closet, I start sorting through a few things, then I catch a glimpse of the rest of my un-sorted apartment and begin a panic attack. First comes an odd little half whine / half scream that escapes me as I wander away from the area I was sorting. This is followed by me taking laps around the room saying "Fuck fuck fuck - oh my god! Fuck fuck fuck what the fuck am I doing?" and resolves itself with me on the couch playing Tetris Worlds (I've beaten level 15 on 4 of 6 worlds!) and watching TV.

This is just not productive.

(Oooh...speaking of not productive - go watch Dr. Horrible's Sing-along Blog - so much awesome!)

Ok... it might be time for me to recruit some help. I'm signing up for Flylady's annoying emails, and breaking out my trusty timer. Wish me luck!


Lady Miss Violet said...

Have you shined your sink yet? :-)
And, when shall we get the group together for dinner?

T is said...

I found Dr. Horrible's Sing-along Blog a few days ago and I know why you would rather waste time with it instead of sorting, and packing!

d said...

if i find any other means of distraction on the interbunny, i'll shoot 'em your way.

jovaliquilts said...

Flylady has some great ideas, but once you get what those are, you won't need to keep with the irritating emails! Good luck!

Michael5000 said...

Not to nitpick, but masochism would properly be the one where you encourage a special friend or acquaintance to torture you.

Try to feel less guilty about your chillout time, dude!

Oh, and those two paragraphs were not related.