Sunday, July 13, 2008

Sisters Quilt Show 2008

As I mentioned, this Saturday my mom & I went to the Sisters Outdoor Quilt Show.

America's next top models - quilt show edition. ;)

It wasn't the most crowded show I'd been to, and it seemed like there were fewer quilts than in years past. Although, I'm probably comparing it to the first show I went to - which was the 30th anniversary, and they might have made more of a to-do for that one. In any case, there were more quilts than you could shake an omni-grid ruler at.

One thing I always find interesting is seeing different quilters' takes on the same pattern. It seems certain quilting groups will do a challenge or a class and end up showing their quilts at the show, and then there are the quilt patterns that are just popular, and of course - quilts using Valorie Wells fabric tend to appear with a greater than average frequency. This year's popular pattern was "Fractured Flowers" which I think is a pattern from the Stitching Post (the store that hosts the quilt show).

It's a unique pattern, and cool way to highlight this fabric... but not necessarily a pattern I would have tried.

Something that I might like to try is a monochromatic quilt. These were all really cool...I liked the simple style and the way just subtle changes in shade creates contrast. I think the green block-in-block pattern works really well.

Here was one that made me smile... it was up way too high for me to read the label. But it was very clearly a Star-Trek quilt - two of my favorite things!
It really inspires me to make a sci-fi quilt someday.

Sisters is in the desert, so it was quite sunny & hot - it was great to see this chilly snowflake quilt. I like the background triangle pattern, and of course the snowflakes were especially fancy. I have no clue how they're done (applique? paper piece?) but they looked great. I really want to make a blue & white winter quilt someday.

I don't usually like sampler type quilts, but I really liked this one. The colors are fresh and fun, the fabrics and pattern are funky, the quilting adds to the overall quilt and it all just works. It'll probably look dated in like... two weeks... but for now it's really cool.
One thing that happens at the outdoor quilt show is that you'll see a quilt up close, then later you'll see it from across the street and you'll get a completely different impression of it. Sometimes the secondary patterns really stand out in cool ways. This is one that I walked past and though "oh that's neat" but then ended up sitting a bit away from it for a while, and was really really impressed with it.

And this was probably my favorite... the stitching was amazing, and how could I resist such a bright sunflower and fun pink bicycle.

Absolutely amazing.

Mom's foot was bothering her a bit, so we didn't walk up and down and around each and every nook and crany... but we still saw (and took pictures of) many more quilts than I could do justice to in this post. If you're a quilter anywhere in the Northwest, I think it would be worth it to come out at least once.


Bezzie said...

Hee hee, that cat-quilt one reminds me of your quilt-weight Sally.

And I dig that Trekkie theme to a traditional Attic Windows.

turtlegirl76 said...

Those are some amazing quilts! I like that green monochromatic one very much.

Stacey said...

I'm glad you had fun! Those quilts look great - I am constantly amazed at the creativity of quilters!

Exuberant Color said...

Thanks for the quilt show. I like that sampler too, very modern.

gl. said...

ooo, yeah! i guess i like monochomatic quilts, too! i particularly like that purple one and the "green block-in-block pattern." (if i ever have one made, it might be like the green block pattern.)

i don't usually like quilts that have realistic objects on them as much, but i gotta say i love the bike! it reminds me of MY bike, which i adore. :)

jovaliquilts said...

Thanks for the quilt show photos! I saw that big cat in Chicago and really like it. And I hear you about winter quilts -- blue and white always seem the perfect color for those, and I want one, too.