Tuesday, April 8, 2008

The agony & the ectasy... and the irony

The agony & the ecstasy … and the irony.

Little known fact about Rebel: I love to sing. I was in Choir for all four years of high school… and church choir for a couple of years, and even a couple semesters in college. Times when my car stereo was broken (or stolen… I’m on my third stereo in this car!), I amused myself by singing… loudly. Ah… if only my love of singing was matched by my talent. Alas… no! Oh yeah… and I don’t know that many songs. So I tend to sing a) patriotic songs b) Christmas songs c) (when I get really desperate) kid songs.

Recently PBS did a special on Pete Seeger & folk songs. It really inspired me. I totally think there should be more singing in day to day life, more folk songs, more bar songs, more lullabies, more serenades. So all of that was mulling around in my brain when I read this post (Yes, I blame Pam!) and the few lines that I remembered from the Joseph & the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat soundtrack went on an endless loop in my brain. In between choruses of “Give me my colored coat, my amazing colored coat” the idea struck me – WHY DON’T I OWN MORE SOUNDTRACKS????

I set out on a quest to pick up the soundtrack to Joseph… but couldn’t find it (at the two or three places I remembered to look) so I went on Amazon.com and went… a tiny bit crazy. Just a tiny bit.

Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat – my favorite musical of all time.
The Essential Pete Seeger – a great survey of folk music.
The Sound of Music – because I have confidence in confidence alone… but can never remember the rest of the words. ;)
Annie – ah… an important part of the American cultural experience, the musical that made an entire generation of girls wish their parents would die in a fiery car crash. ;)

Ecstasy!!! All my favorite musicals, wending their way to me. Oh, and since I spent so much – Free Shipping! Yay!

Except… free shipping is slow… sooo slow… agonizingly slow! I waited… and waited. Eventually three of them showed up… but Joseph was going to be shipped separately. NO!! I’ve still got half songs stuck in my head – it’s not fair!

Finally… finally… just today Joseph shows up. Ecstasy!

Except… phase 2 of my cold has also shown up – laryngitis! I can barely speak, let alone sing. So I’m stuck listening to my favorite sing-a-long music and the best I can do is lip sync. The irony…oh the irony.


Clare said...

I have confidence in sunshine
I have confidence in rain
I have confidence that spring will come again
da da da da da da da
I have confidence in me!

Sounds of Music is my all time fav. I saw the film about 8 times. Got it on video, but must try and get it on DVD.

There is a ansty bug going round over here that is turning into viral pneumonia so take care of yourself and get some antibiotics down you.

Trillian42 said...

Ah, and I see you went for the original soundtrack, rather than one of the revivals. :)

And really need to get a copy of Sound of Music one of these days. I have it on dvd, but I don't think I have a cd of the soundtrack!

Bezzie said...

Dude, I won't tell you how hard I hit the Annie Bandwagon when I was five. Oh man....

Stariel said...

Oh, me too bezzie! I remember jumping on the bed with my sister singing Hard Knock Life at the top of our lungs. I think I knew all the words to every song on the soundtrack. In fact thanks to your post I'll probably have some Annie song stuck in my head all day. :p

d said...

my reactions to this post in no particular order:
a) it really sucks you can't sing along!
b) when i was in grade school, our 'musical' one year was singing the songs from 'sound of music'. they still haunt my dreams. and not in a good way. i can still sing almost every word of every song.
c) i like that you still buy cds. that's cute.
d) if you like that pete seeger you should check out bruce springsteen's 'seeger sessions'. fantastic.

ok. that is all. hope you feel better soon.

Olga said...

I was a pie-rats of Penn-zats (heh heh)fan myself. Saw the play & movie and got the sound track. sickening. Now I can barely stand musicals, I had to leave the room during singing in Enchanted.

Rebel said...

Clare - that's me with the da da da da da

Trillian - I didn't know what to expect since I'd only seen it performed locally by high schools and once in LA. If there's a specific version that's really good - let me know.

Bezzie - I made my mom make me the Annie dress!

Stariel - one day my entire kindergarten class serenaded the teachers at lunch time with pretty much the full score! =P

d - if you think that's cute... I still have dial up too. I'm so retro. ;)

Olga - were you the very model of a modern major general? We did HMS Pinnafore in HS... the scars are still too fresh. ;)

Magatha said...

My Dad had the soundtrack disease and he tried to sic it on to me. (Why is it that I can sing the entire soundtracks to Oklahoma, Mary Poppins, The Sound of Music and Porgy and Bess? Could it be because this was the only music my Dad would listen to? Is this the missing link about my bizarre father? Was Dad a 'closet case"? ;-)

I don't own any other showtune CD except the Brit's version of 'Oklahoma' because one of my beloveds sings on it. (Hugh Jackman.) I've got the bizarre music movie soundtrack disease in triplicate though. My favorite is "Solaris", composed by Cliff Martinez. A masterpiece in percussion and sound. It is my 'migraine' music. It cures pain by putting me in a trance.

Beverly said...

I love the Sound of Music. I have that one memorized, which hubs thinks is very strange.

Another good one, if you've seen the musical before, is Rent.

IamSusie said...

I also like to sing at the top of my lungs in the car. My husband turns off his hearing aids and the kids are used to it. I bet we'd have a great time on a long car trip together!

I saw Joseph in Chicago when Donny Osmond played the lead. My mom always gets tickets in the center balcony or mezzanine and I'll never forget Donny flying straight at us during one exciting number. I also saw the original production on Broadway with Shaun Cassidy. I wonder if I still have that playbill somewhere....

Trillian42 said...

Oh, the original is quite good. But if you're feeling like you need visuals, track down the dvd of the revival production with Donny Osmond as Joseph. It's really good.

Michael5000 said...

{sings} One of these discs is not like the other ones....