Wednesday, May 2, 2007


This is just a cute little Ice Cream bag I made last summer. I used the tutorial from Super Eggplant
(I can't figure out how to make that link prettier - hint anyone?) Thanks Jessica!

Here's one I've been using lately. The proportions are off a bit. But they are easy to make, and handy to have around, so I'll keep practicing until I get the perfect bag.

I didn't end up knitting last night. I went to the fabric store to pick up another yard of fabric for my quilt. The short-cut flying geese pattern involves a fair amount of wasted fabric. I have mixed feelings about that. But, it saves a lot of time, and when I have to make 176 geese, I'm in favor of that. Tonight I can start pinning peices together and maybe sewing a couple of blocks. Let's all hope my sewing machine cooperates!


Jessica said...

Cute bags! I need to learn to sew. Here is an answer to your hint request...


Jessica said...

oops. I'mm pm you in the knittyboards how to do this. haha