Monday, May 7, 2007


Here's the Pizza I baked yesterday, topped with crimini mushrooms & kalamata olives. It's really good, and extra cheesy (the second layer of cheese is obscuring some of the toppings) but as you can see, it got a little burnt. Both mushrooms and olives give off a lot of water when cooked so the top was really wet when the timer went off - so I left it in for another two minutes. Probably should have stopped at one minute. Oh well, it's quite tasty.
And here is the focaccia. I haven't tried it yet, but it looks pretty good. I'll have to make some soup and have it tonight.


Magatha said...

WOW! Gads, I'm hungry now! I'm on my way over. ;-)

Hey, Miss Zuma! Do you sweat your pizza topping veggies a bit in a saute pan on the stove prior to putting them on the pizza and baking? Keeps the water off the pizza top.

Rebel said...

No- that's a good idea. I'd thought about sauteing the mushrooms first but figured they'd get cooked enough on the pizza. I'll try that next time!

Gorgeous said...

I LOVE when the cheese is burnt like that. Yum.