Monday, May 21, 2007

Size matters

At least in quilting. ;)

As I anticipated, the size of my apartment is becoming an issue when putting together my quilt. I tried to lay out the the pieces before sewing the rows together and just couldn't find a place big enough. I tried the bed... with moderate success. I could get the center part down, but not the borders. It was enough to show me how the blocks are going to line up, and to do some switching around so that I don't have two identical blocks next to each other.

It was difficult to get a picture of the entire quilt-to-be. But this is good, because I want it to be a bed-sized quilt, and it's going to shrink up considerably because of the seam allowances.

I think it's coming along though. I stacked up the rows in order and will be sewing them up soon.


Webbo said...

Those colours look gorgeous. Every piece looks distinct but fitting. It's so much fun watching this come together.

jenn said...

i think i'm finally starting to see the geese. (no really, i mean it...i know it sounds like i'm mocking you, but i promise i'm not.)