Saturday, May 26, 2007

It's Over

There comes a time in every relationship when you must say good bye. After 10 years, that time has come. We’ve had good times and bad times. We’ve worked together on duvet covers, Halloween costumes, Christmas presents, summer skirts, flirty dresses, chair back covers, tote bags, patchwork quilts and blue jean patches. There have been broken needles and tangled bobbin threads, an unfortunate beer spill and a broken spool stand. (Yes, that's a crochet hook, cardboard & packing tape.)We’ve done together what neither of us could have done alone. But it’s time. It’s time to say good bye to my J C Penney Craft & Quilt Sewing machine. Rest in peace old friend.

Welcome Frauline Peggy, my brand new Pfaff

It was love at first stitch. I went into the store, and started looking her over. The salesman (in stark contrast to the one I dealt with in the other store), was extremely helpful. I asked him if I could lower the feed dogs, and he showed me how. He showed me how to wind the bobbin (drop in vs. my old tempremental vertical one), he told me the difference between this model and the one above it - stretch stitching for sewing knits (no, thank you I sew with cottons almost exclusively). When I asked him about the Janomes, he showed me a comperable model and explained the differences. He showed me a refurbished machine and listed the features. He even measured the opening from needle to inside of the machine... a generous 6 1/2 inches as opposed to the just over 3 inches in my old machine. Everything about the Pfaff was intuitive, while I intended to read the manual, I knew I could sew whatever I needed to without it.

Oh, and there was a sale! ;) So I brought home my brandy-new Pfaff Hoby for onlyj$250. Not too shabby. It does everything I need it to do with none of the fancy bells & whistles. Frauline Peggy named herself before I even left the store. I'm excited to see what the two of us will be able to create together. :)


Bezzie said...

Hee hee, Frauline Peggy. I love the crochet hook though...that's totally a cheapass McGuyver thing to tod!

Jessica said...

Wow, your salesman sounds like he was great! You must tell everyone the store so we all can go! ;D

jenn said...

I had forgotten about that beer-spilling incident! Wasn't that when "Viv" was at the blue apartments and spilled beer down the back of that awful little couch?

Anyway, I'm glad you got a new machine.

Magatha said...

Nothing like a professional to fit you properly!

Congratulations and Woo Hoo! A new machine! It's so purty! I wish you many happy hours of sewing with Frauline Peggy!

Rebel said...

Yes, Jenn it was the infamous Viv who spilled beer all down the side of the couch & into my sewing machine box - to be left undiscovered until months later.

Jessica - it was the Montavilla sewing center at the Fabric Depot on 122nd in Gateway. But the guy doesn't normally work at that store. :/ . Hopefully the rest of the sales pleople are nice there too.