Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Speaking French to a Russian man in an English class.

This morning I went to observe an English as a non-native language class at IRCO (the Immigrant and Refugee Community Organization). It was a fun class, and a great opportunity to see some teaching methods in practice. The teacher had the students ask me questions, one of the first of course "Are you married?" LOL. Well one of the other students asked what language I spoke, and I said "English, and a little French." And one of the Russian students quickly replied "Comment ca va?" (How's it going?), and fortunately I remembered enough to say "Ca va bien, et vous?" but I stumped him! =) It took him a minute to remember "Comme ci comme ca" (so-so). The last thing I had expected when going in to observe an English class was to be quized on my French!

I'm excited, I got my student assignment, a woman from eastern Africa (not allowed to share identifying details), and a packet of materials. If she's ready, we'll start meeting this Saturday!

Wish me luck!


Bezzie said...

Hee hee! I remember having a similar encounter with some Mexican migrant workers except well in Spanish. When they found out I was married they asked if I had a sister!

Rebel said...

LOL! Did you tell them about Shawnee and Lupe? ;)

jenn said...

i am SO excited for you! and kinda jealous...i realized yesterday as one of my econometrics kids was asking me (for the millionth time) to explain the difference between the null and the alternative hypothesis that i'm going to miss being a TA. i'll just have to start explaining boring economic concepts on my blog again. =)

anyway, good luck. i think you will be an awesome tutor.

Magatha said...

That is so totally awesome, (if I can skip back to the 80s for a sec ;-)

Bon Chance! I always freeze up when asked a question in French or Spanish. I can sit and listen to it all day and answer yes or no, but sheesh! don't expect me to come up with a complete sentence! I'm out of practice.

I think this ESL thing is great. Just think of the people you are going to meet.