Monday, October 22, 2007

Aligning myself with a friendly universe

My therapist used to tell me to "align" myself "with a friendly universe that has good gifts" to give me. She really stressed that you create your own happiness; if you expect good things to happen, good things will happen. Now, let me stress that she is a very compassionate and intelligent woman who helped me learn a lot of important things. But I could never get on board with her "friendly universe" theory. No matter how hard I try, the universe just does *not* work like that for me.

For example, she suggested that I join a bowling league so that I could meet people*. So I put my positive attitude in full gear and decided to have a good time. But the first night of bowling, someone broke into my car & stole my CD player. Oh, and two of the people* on my team were not so closeted racists. So much for the friendly universe.

Anyway today as I was walking home, I was absolutely over come by the beauty of where I live. The trees were gorgeous, all gold and red. The sky was pink... cerise one could say... and Mt. Hood & Mt. St. Helens were practically glowing white with fresh snow against the twilight sky. I mean, it sounds all kinds of cheesy when I try to describe it. But it was beautiful, really really really beautiful. The kind of beautiful where you can't not believe in God or *some* higher being. Anyway I was walking home from work having all these transcendent thoughts about how incredibly amazing the universe is.

Then I got home, and saw this at my front door.

Yup. A dead bird. A poor dead little Junco. A poor dead little Junco that I now have to clean up. A grizzly reminder that my sweety-pants little kitty-girl, who is curled up so adorably in the chair beside me, is just a cold-blooded murderer in a fur coat.

I guess the universe just wanted to make sure I remembered that no matter how wonderful I think things are - life is unfair, and we're all gonna die.

*single male people


Sue, aka seiding said...

See, the problem with joining a bowling league to meet people* is that all the people* you meet are those who like to spend time in the bowling alley. So it's only good advice if you want to spend a lot of time in a bowling alley. Same goes for bars, churches, what have you.

I think aligning yourself with a friendly universe is code for "close your eyes to unpleasantness." Not always possible.

Rebel said...

Sue - that's exactly what I learned from that experience. I mean, I like bowling, so it's not like I was forcing myself to go join a basketball league or anything. But yeah, I'm trying to just do the things I enjoy for the sake of enjoying them now.

Zonda said...

Yikes on the bird! Beautiful picture!!

Bezzie said...

Hm, I vascillate between happy universe and out to screw me universe.
I'm also of the mindset of picking up guys at work. And if there are none at your current job, what about picking up a part time job. Extra money and extra possible romance. But I say this only because that's where I found my husband!

Magatha said...

It is the yin and the yang my pretty!

:::cackling evil witch:::::

I am in complete alignment with the hateful mean universe and the Prime Mover responsible for it all. I don't ever expect good things to happen, so when they do I am pleasantly surprised.

For instance, I was to meet a great new friend today and I am too sick with a migraine to meet this new friend and now she probably thinks I made a lame ass excuse not to meet her and you know how that goes. Half the battle in life is showing up and I am not a reliable shower-upper thanks to my health issues.
It all sucks, but mountains and natural beauty are good compensation.

Anonymous said...

Oh bugger! Seems like the clouds that are attached to your silver linings are real doozies!

Michael5000 said...

Your kitty was successful in pursuing her hobby. It's a good thing! It's like you finishing a sweater or something.

p.s. "what Sally killed" tag = very funny!