Saturday, October 13, 2007

Caturday visitor

On Thursday night I finished up the hat I was making for J. Which was convenient since she decided to make a spontaneous trip up here to visit. Here she is in her new hat.Isn't it pretty? I used Plymouth Yarn Boku 95% wool 5% silk blend. I actually ran out right when I started the decreases, and I finished it up with Noro Silk Garden. It blends pretty well. Honestly, I preferred the Boku. I don't like the thick & thin (and really really thin) variation of the Silk Garden.

As you can see, Sally girl is glad to see her Auntie J. again. BTW, when I asked J. if I could post this picture, she said it was fine as long as I credited her boob properly. I think that one's Poncho (the other one is Villa), and isn't it lovely?


Stacey said...

I like how that Boku works up! I'm going to have to check it out!

Bezzie said...

I thought the whole hat was Noro...very pretty!

Laverne and Shirley giggle a hello to Poncho and Villa. ;-)

jenn said...

It's kind of hard for me to see the hat because I'm blinded by how beautiful the woman wearing it is. i'm sure it's lovely, though.

btw, i didn't pick the names pancho and villa, and if i'd been paying more attention to the content of the conversation that rebel and i were having, i would not have told her to publish my boobs' names on her blog (not that i mind...even at the advanced age of 29, i still have a very underdeveloped sense of shame).

anyway, thanks for the hat and the hospitality, rebel, and thanks for not scratching my eyes out, sally.

Rebel said...

I know Jenn, it was a very confusing conversation, what with me sitting in front of my computer and asking you if I could post your picture. =P

PS - Sally misses you.