Saturday, October 27, 2007

The Answers

42! Oh wait... different question. ;)

Pop Quiz answers:

1. Where was I born?
a) New Jersey

Yup, I’m a genuine Jersey girl. My family moved to CA when I was 13, and I’ve been in the Northwest since college. And although my entire family now lives in Tennessee, I’ve never called it home, nor spent more than a week or two at a time there.

2. To get to work I:
b) Walk

Even when it’s really cold!

3. I’m fluent in the following language(s):
d) neither of the above

I know enough French to get around, but I’m far from fluent. And I’m currently learning my first 50 words in Spanish.

4. I am most afraid of
a) Slugs


5. I knit:
b) Continental

To be fair to J., she called me and asked, and did listen with interest when I told her. I’m a picker, not a thrower!

6. I quilt:
a) By machine

Props to Mags & Seidling for specifying that my machine’s name is Fraulein Peggy.

7. My favorite artist is:
a) Vincent Van Gogh
c) Claude Monet

I usually tell people that Monet is my favorite artist, but the more I started thinking about it, I felt profoundly connect to Van Gogh when I saw his paintings in person. A quick tally of the prints & postcards in my apartment adds up to: 9 Monet & 9 Van Gogh.

8. The food I don’t like is:
d) Italian

I don’t like oregano, cooked tomatoes or pasta. However, I’ll eat just about anything if it has enough cheese on it. ;)

9. My favorite band is:
c) Guster

And I did get lost in Amsterdam.

10. What is my favorite Holiday?
c) The 4th of July

BBQs, Fireworks, and patriotic songs… what’s not to love?
BTW - Michael5000, Caturday is my favorite day of the week, but I don't think it's recognized as an official holiday...... yet. ;)

11. Betty is the name of my:
c) mixer

Sally is my cat, Peggy is my sewing machine, and my car’s name is Babette. =)

12. Whose birthday is October 26th? (pick all that apply)
a) Mine
b) My sister's
d) Hillary Rodham Clinton’s

I was born on my sister B’s 6th birthday & she’s apparently never forgiven me for that. Some people think it’s really bizarre that my sister and I share a birthday; for me, it’s just annoying. Not only do I share my birthday with my sister, but also the Senator from New York, a friend from High School, and, I found out today, one of the gals in my office. My nephew just barely missed the magic birthday though - he turned 19 on 10/23rd. What can I say? I guess it gets cold in February!
The Winners
Ok, there was a three-way tie for first place, Mlle. B., J., and T., all scored 10 out of 12 correct. You may all feel smug & self satisfied about how well you know me.
But since I don't really want to do a tie-breaker, I decided to go with the ever popular random selection for prizes. (It's my blog, I can break the rules if I want to ;) ). Sooooo
The $15 Powells card goes to the lovely and talented Magatha, while the surprise gift (that I will most likely pick up at Powells while I'm there) will go to Seidling!
Thank you for playing!


Magatha said...


You have the same BD as your sister? O M G, what a bummer when you're a kid. Did you have to share a cake? Parties? Both sets of friends in the house at the same time? Your poor mom, what a stress.
I had the same BD as my grandfather, he was exactly 60 years older than me.

Mlle B said...

I DO feel smug and self-satisfied for this little win! But I, too, felt an unfair advantage, having known you since ages ago. How was the B-day party? (And I shared a birthday with my mom's favorite great uncle. On purpose. Go figure).

Sue, aka seiding said...

What me? I won? I haven't won anything since I won that 8 lb chocolate bar in freshman year of high school. Whoo hoo!

Anonymous said...

Happy belated Birthday! I hope the year ahead is filled with lots of joy and tons of blessings!

Batty said...

Happy late birthday... to you and your sister!

Michael5000 said...

You forgot the part about how we're all winners for trying! And for being such good sports!

Rebel said...

Thanks everyone for the birthday wishes. It actually turned out to be a bit of a bummer. Two of my friends were sick & couldn't come to dinner, and two others had to stay home with a sick baby. So out of the 5 people I thought I'd be going out with - only one actually made it! =(

But I did a lot of retail-therapy this weekend, and now I feel better. =)