Wednesday, October 3, 2007


Noted boy quilter & self described aging indie rocker Michael5000 has tagged me to describe myself using the letters of my name.

R Realistic - I'm pretty down to earth, and unfortunately sometimes a little too down to earth. Working in an office, at a job that requires absolute adherence to rules & regulations doesn't give me much time to nurture my creativity. That's probably why crafts are so important to me.

E Expensive Education - I finally paid off my very expensive university education, and I'm planning to take another course that will essentially wipe out my savings. I'm hoping the second course will end up being a better investment than the first!

B Brunette - I'm not a blonde bombshell, nor am I a fiery redhead. Nope, I'm a brunette, and I fit that stereotype fairly well. I'm bookish, a little shy, pretty plain Jane. A few summers ago I bleached my hair blonde. It was a surreal experience, one I don't intend to repeat. Being a brunette suits me.... of course, in a few years I'll be completely grey, but I'm trying not to think about that.

E English Speaking - At the moment I'm monolingual, but I'd like to change that. I'm going to try to brush up on my French and learn a little more Spanish. And my current 5 year plan involves becoming a teacher of English to speakers of other languages, so that I will, ironically, finally have an opportunity learn a foreign language by immersion.

L Lonely - Over the past couple of years I've made some changes in my life, sloughing off some relationships that just didn't fit, and while I've started building up a few new & promising relationships... I'm still a little lonely. Despite the close friendships I formed in college, I haven't had a 'Best Friend' since high school, and I really miss that.

So that, dear reader is probably a much more detailed response to the meme than was strictly necessary. I'm tagging Bezzie (just to see the Z adjectives she comes up with), Mistress J, and fellow Portland girl Indigo Mouse. Consider this a 'free will' tag - anyone else who might want to do this can consider themselves tagged as well.


Melissa said...

Okay, I'll get cracking on my assignment.

By the way, I was thinking about going to Twisted tonight for some knittin'. Interested?

Rebel said...

No, I'm actually going to happy hour with some friends from work. I think a few people are going to Abundant tonight though.

Bezzie said...

Zarling, zou znow zat I zill zave zo zroblem zoming zup zith zome zords zat ztart zith Z!

Magatha said...

The L part is something that happens as you get older. You get more discerning about who you want to spend your precious time with and life takes everyone you know and pulls them in different directions. It's cool, you adjust and learn to be comfy with just yourself. Crafting helps, keep trying to meet people. That's what I do.