Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Something Old & Something New

First something old... well, not that old, but old enough for this week's blog assignment.

This is the oldest picture I have of myself. According to the back I'm 7 months old there, and it was taken at my Aunt & Uncle's house. Check out the Panda Blankie. I believe that's the one I carried around until it wore out.

And now for something new:

Inspired by Susie Can Stitch, I decided to try some embroidery. I went through a cross-stitch phase in high school, but I've never really learned how to do proper embroidery. I bought a few cute iron on patterns, and this weekend I bought a little purse to embellish. You might be able to see a little extra branch of buds & leaves that I didn't stitch, I'm hoping it washes out, because I like it as is*.
What do you think? A noble endeavor? I keep eyeing the Subversive Stitch patterns at Twisted and Powells and thinking it would be fun to try some of them. But I should probably get a bit more practice before I start embroidering all over my wardrobe.
*am too lazy to finish it ;)


IamSusie said...

It looks great! I love light embroidery on dark colors!
Well done!

Bezzie said...

I was into embroidery when I was in 4th grade....I think the most useful thing it taught me was how to make a french knot. I need more instant gratification than it can provide!

Cute pic!

Melissa said...

Wooo, embroidery! I plan to learn that *soon*.

Magatha said...

Baby on the panda bankie! So cute!

I did a ton of embroidery, crewel work and needlepoint in the 70s. It was really popular then. Quit in the 80s as it was nowhere to be seen then. I can still do it well, but I just don't. I have had some interest in machine monogramming. Your flower looks good!

Rebel said...

Thanks everyone!

Bezzie - this was fairly instant-gratification, it only took about an hour or so.

Magatha - I'd love to see your needlework. It is weird how crafts go in and out of style... I just like making stuff, and I'm virtually *never* trendy!

jenn said...

I'm impressed. Embroidery is hard. Well, it's easy, but making it look good is hard.