Sunday, October 7, 2007

Oh baby!

I went to a baby shower on Saturday, and then on Sunday I found an out of town friend just gave birth to bambino #3. This is the baby for whom I've been working on the I-Spy quilt. I'd been thinking of that mom earlier in the week and meant to ask when she was due (you know... so I could find out how long I had to finish up the quilt), but never got around to it because I was busy finishing up the other quilt.

Fortunately, all I had left to do on the I-Spy quilt was the binding. I'm a total cheater when it comes to binding - I never hand sew them. I just do my best to make a machine sewn seam look good.
And check out my free-motion star. =) I'm not thrilled with how I quilted all the squares, but I think I got really good at the stars.
So here's the whole quilt, in what is fast becoming the traditional over the couch shot.

And now I decree that none of my friends are allowed to get knocked up until I finish at least one quilt for myself! I mean, I do like making little kid quilts, they're quick, they're fun, and I can use patterns & fabrics that I like, but wouldn't necessarily want for myself. Plus, I think an event as significant as the creation of a whole new human being warrants a hand-made gift. (Hmmm... can I call it hand-made if I use a sewing machine? Let's call it 'home-made'.) But in the past year I've made four quilts for other people, and have only finished 1/2 a quilt for myself. So I'm really going to focus on making stuff for myself for a while.


Zonda said...

Looks cute!! Nice job!

Bezzie said...

Yup. That counts as handmade for sure! I'm with you on the baby-moratorium. I'm sick of baby knitting!

Michael5000 said...

I agree with you that people should consult the quilters in their lives when doing their family planning. If I have to make another surprise baby quilt, I'm going to start putting something in the water.

Far be it from me to try to change your M.O., but: Hand-finishing a binding is easy, relatively quick, and can be done while talking, watching a movie, hanging out at the park, or, depending on your work environment, attending meetings. Machine-finishing a binding just sounds hard.

Rebel said...

See, if I'm crafting in front of the TV, it's usually knitting. But I think I'll try doing hand binding for my flying geese quilt (remember that one?)